Welcome XOXO

Thu 20th - 2023

Duo of Spanish directors join Immigrant.

Welcome XOXO Welcome XOXO

Two ingredients come together to form this explosive mix.

One one side we have Tessa. This fine art whiz is the technicolor catalyst in our reaction. Her bold colors, wild compositions, take the mundane and turn it into ‘what the hell just happened?’ material. 

On the other there’s Paula - the cutting room conjurer. She’s all about brewing up a storm of emotions, stitching together narratives that teleport you straight into the heart of magic realism. 

Mash ‘em up and you get a brain-bending, rule-breaking experiment in film. Where weird science jams with cinematic cool.

In other words. They’re Two. Fucking. Cool. Women. Shooting. XOXO.


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