Welcome Pedro Alvarenga

Tue 10th - 2023

Brazilian film director joins Immigrant.

Welcome Pedro Alvarenga Welcome Pedro Alvarenga

We're very pleased to welcome Pedro Alvarenga to the Immigrant family!

In the 1960s, Pedro’s grandfather ran a film development lab in Rio de Janeiro. In the early 2000s, with the advent of digital filmmaking, the studio unfortunately had to close. But by this point, the damage had been done, the love for film had been passed down not only one, but two generations. By age 18 Pedro was already making short films, and started a fruitful creative relationship with Fran, leader of the band Gilsons, and himself the grandson of Brazilian music legend, Gilberto Gil.

Cut to 2022 and the work he’s made, many times shooting on film, is enviable. It’s raw, it’s emotional, it’s visceral and it’s wildly cinematic. The shelves are already filling up with Awards from the MVF to BamFest, to Vimeo Staff Picks. Grandpa would be proud.


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