Welcome Reynald Gresset

Tue 21st - 2023

French film director joins Immigrant.

Welcome Reynald Gresset Welcome Reynald Gresset

Every production company needs an über-cool French director and IMMIGRANT are thrilled to be welcoming Reynald Gresset as the latest and greatest addition to the roster.

French born and LA based, Reynald Gresset is a director that has long since established his ability to create visually iconic films with a fair bit of emotional punch. Perhaps because he cut his teeth, in television broadcasting and honed his creative muscles shooting music videos, live performances, documentaries, and interviews with rock stars like Kurt Cobain and Bruce Springsteen, before fate would land him in the shiny world of commercials. Something that gave him a solid appreciation for the textures of reality and well, humanity. That in turn impacts his sensibilities as a film maker. Locations over builds. Real people rather than glossy ones. Stories that resonate and invite empathy. And yet his visuals are iconic and memorable, and his cinematography grand even as it stays true to life's imperfections.

It's an impactful balance of contradictions that quickly attracted some of the best agencies in the world, directing numerous and oft-awarded campaigns for brands such as Google, Honda, Genesis, Fiat, Heineken, Vodafone, Facebook, IKEA, M&M’s, Volkswagen, DS, Universal Studio, Walt Disney, Orange, T-Mobile among others. With his recent McDonalds "Books" spot winning at the D&AD awards.

“Asked to put Reynald in a tidy little box - I’d would say: C'est pas possible. Which I personally love. I think it’s speaks to a directors ability to look at a script and figure out how to solve it best - not wrapping it in a signature style. And really his understanding of craft and ability to develop and create complex characters and weave poetic narratives seemingly has a myriad of applications. As can be seen in the work he has to his name. Some of it playful. Some of it poignant. Some of it taciturn. Some of it grand. Versatile is such an overused, jargon-y word. But there is something to be said for directors that let the idea lead, and unwaveringly stick the landing in any genre. So I’m very much looking forward to the experience of working with him. And excited for the work” says Phie Hansen, MD of Immigrant in Europe.

Rodrigo Saavedra, director and partner of Immigrant, talks about signing Reynald; “Really, my connection with Reynald goes way back; to his documentary Sepultura: Tribal Devastation, which blew me away way back when it came out in 1997. It was amazing to see a director covering a band from my country, and the conviction behind that storytelling. I often wanted to work with him back when I was a creative. Which sadly never came to be. But this, arguably is a more exciting turn of events is so much better, and I feel the sheer caliber of his work speaks to what we stand for.”

Speaking of why he joined IMMIGRANT Reynald says;

“Really my attraction to the northern European and Scandinavian market, is simple. I’ve been based in LA for 11 years but my soul remains European.

I think our “eye” stays the same, even if we live in another country where tastes are different. Our sensitivity can be enriched of course, but fundamentally we remain as forged at the beginning of our life. And so my eye, my relation to the light, the sensibility of filming the human experience and nature even, remains European and I’m always gravitating towards what some would call a northern aesthetic.

This unique northern European relationship to light. Which is why I love to work with Nordic DOPs. I love what they bring in terms of realism and nerve, while remaining extremely aesthetic. 

And I think the same goes for the creative. The ability to show something real while being poetic and simple. Simple being the most beautiful word to me.”


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