Welcome Tejada

Thu 11th - 2023

Brazilian film director joins Immigrant.

Welcome Tejada Welcome Tejada

Tejada's films are all about visual excess: A predilection for the surreal, the unexpected and technical trickery. With a playful yet sophisticated brushstroke, his work pushes the film medium forward and yet this is always in service to what matters most: story.

A career started in photography is readily apparent in the strength of his aesthetic. A few years as a VFX supervisor provides a mastery of modern craft. And a foray through fine arts makes itself known in the conceptual strength of his work.

No doubt the reason that he is so highly sought after, with a long list of awarded work to his name for brands such as HBO Max, Budweiser, Becks Beer and DIAGEO.

Brazil born and based, Tejada roams the earth - Driven by his bizarre love of marathons, road cycling and filmmaking equally.


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